What a Man Has to Do


What a Man Has to Do

Read Philippians 2: 1-11.


MEN-tal Hook:

1.  God calls us to look to others interest instead of our own.  Describe a time when the concern of another changed your perspective about your current situation.(vs 4)

2. The responsibility of mankind lay squarely on the broad shoulders of Jesus.  What responsibilities do you currently have that may not go noticed but are necessary? (vs 8)

3.  How can considering oneself a slave-servant as Jesus did be a key component to His mission?  (vs 7)

4.  Jesus was right even though He was treated as though He were wrong?  How might the example of losing battles but winning wars be helpful to us as men? (vs 8)

5.  Jesus had to make the ultimate sacrifice as a man.  What sacrifices do you believe men have to make? (vs 8)

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