Eric R. Levels is beginning his passion for writing with his first of many books to come entitled A Plan for Success Audio/Physical Book and Facilitator’s Guide which is set to be published in May 2015!  This book is being created to address the need for students/teachers to work collaboratively to plan and achieve the greatest potential possible.

A Plan for Success - Cover

If you would like to purchase any of the electronic forms of the book fill out the following form:

I was an honored speaker of the above clip, and received the selection of Inspire Aldine recognition for “A Plan for Success.”  1st speaker from 1 min 40 seconds to 4 min 40 seconds.

Interview TCCA

Click on the above photo to hear the interview about my student behavioral and motivational book “A Plan for Success” which is available now for $15 on Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon.com at the TCCA conference sponsored by itechnation.

Sample quotes from Eric R. Levels’ book:

“Prove to yourself that you can change a negative past into a positive future.”

“No one can force you to be who you need to become.”

“Your thinking has the power to set you free or keep you captive.”

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