We Should Share

  iMPACT QUESTION (iQ): What are you willing to share?

1 John 4:18  There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

Often when I was a child I had a problem with sharing.  I didn’t like sharing anything with anybody because I was afraid that I could never take it back, or if it came back to me, it would not be the same.  I find this very similar to the way we Christians feel about our mistakes.  We have a problem sharing our mistakes because once we tell them, we can never take them back and we are afraid that things will never be the same.  The reality is that we would be right, but that it is beauty of transparency.  Our sin-story is meant to make others sin His-tory.  Sharing our story is meant to change the current condition of someone else’s life.  The wonder in sharing our missteps is that we keep moving in the victory of Jesus instead of defeat.  Love has no room for fear.  Its plate is too filled with a double portion of compassion and forgiveness.  This is lacking in the lives of most because many are starving for that portion.  We would never call someone healed unless at some point they were broken.  We must not forget our past, because it was meant to help someone in the present, in order to introduce them to their future.  Don’t be afraid to share what hurt you, but also don’t leave out Love who healed you.


1.  Confess your secret sin to someone else who needs to know.

2.  Create a safe place in you for people to share their predicament.

3.  Conquer your fear of judgement from those who hear your mistakes.

4.  Capture this moment to open the door to introduce Jesus to others.

iMPACT QUOTE (i QUOTE):   Written by Rev. Eric Levels       

1.  “Pain was often the pathway that people took in order to seek Jesus.  Don’t let the pride of our past pain keep someone from Him.”

2.  Being human is a dirty business, but don’t let the rain in your life cause you to be stuck in the mud of your mistakes.

3.  Don’t worry about your resume`.  You’ve got the best reference in Jesus Christ, because He’s all you need.

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