Sow What Now?!

Impact Question (IQ):  This year didn’t go like you planned…sow what now?!


Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting. (Psalms 126:5 NASB) 

Waiting on the Lord is never easy, but it has eternal benefits.  Sowing seeds of righteousness promises an everlasting reward, but not because of our goodness but God’s grace.  This is for those who have been faithful and have yet to see your season change.  The text speaks of those…is that you?  The praying and waiting has not been in vain.  This year may not have turned out the way you wanted, but God didn’t ignore what you wanted.  He is preparing a harvest, but seeds take time to grow.  God calls for not only the seed to grow, but also the sower.  This season was designed for your maturation not regression.  Here are a few lessons from the text:

  1. Those doesn’t include everybody.  Who are you with? (Ps. 126:5)
  2. How are you investing your God-given resources? (Ps. 126:5)
  3. Don’t let your weeping stop you from working (Ps. 126:5)
  4. God will turn your weeping into reaping (Ps. 126:5)
  5. You’ll have something to shout about (Ps. 126:5)
  6. God’s return policy is iron-clad: you get more than what you invested (Ps. 126:5)

Wait patiently and expectantly on the Lord and you will be renewed.  This is not a prophesy, but a promise.

Rev. Eric R. Levels

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